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May 22, 2024 0

Roofing Insurance Claims – What to Do After Storm Damage Occurs

By Kasey Chapman

Storm damage and rooftop insurance claims are some of the toughest parts of the restoration business, so here is what your restoration firm can do when storm damage happens to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Inspect all...

December 29, 2022 0

Does the Pitch of My Roof Affect The Cost of My Roof Replacement?

By Elsa Thomas

There are many factors that can influence the final price of a Central Florida roof replacement. The largest factor is...

July 3, 2022 0

The Hot and Windy Idaho Climate Causes Severe Roof Damage

By Elsa Thomas

Many roofs are not built to withstand the extreme temperatures and wind we experience here in Idaho. The combination of...

April 20, 2022 0

3 Things to Consider When Your Business Goes Solar

By Elsa Thomas

Solar energy is an abundant source of renewable energy that your business, like households, can benefit from. Solar panel installation...

November 20, 2021 Off

Tips For Installing Roof Shingles

By Elsa Thomas

Roofing materials comprise individual, overlapping elements called roof shingles. They typically are flat, rectangular shapes that are placed in courses...


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July 18, 2024 0

How to Create Spa-Like Bathrooms

By Kasey Chapman

Make your bathroom an inviting oasis that promotes self-care with wooden accents, soothing colors, plush towels and spa-inspired scents to create a peaceful retreat. Add greenery such as ferns and...

April 19, 2024 0

Creative Tile Designs for Bathroom Floors and Walls

By Kasey Chapman

Making your bathroom the focal point is easy when you use tiles to create eye-catching patterns that draw people's eyes upward. GretchenBlack used penny rounds and hexagons in her tile...

June 10, 2022 0

Things Notice For Bathroom Floor Tiling

By Kasey Chapman

Before you start tiling your bathroom floor, you might want to check the layout of the room and its size. Bathroom floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes. Different...

May 30, 2022 0

The Benefits of a Bathroom PVC Door

By Elsa Thomas

There are many styles available for a bathroom pvc door. Depending on the size of the opening, these doors can be square, rectangular, arched, or curved. These doors are aesthetically...

November 29, 2021 Off

60 Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

By Elsa Thomas

A decadent master bathroom is often found in a luxury hotel, but that doesn't mean you can't replicate the look in your own home. You can incorporate deep claw-foot bathtubs...

November 21, 2021 Off

What You Can Do With a Roll Top Bath

By Elsa Thomas

There are many different types of roll top baths available. They can be found in both contemporary and traditional styles, and all feature attractive bath feet. A roll top bath...


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June 17, 2024 0

Transform Floors With Stencils and Paint

By Kasey Chapman

Stencil it and paint it on that ugly laundry or mudroom floor! Stenciling floors isn’t easy, so you might want someone to help you: many stencils have registration marks on...


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February 2, 2024 0

Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

By Kasey Chapman

Home plumbing systems can be complicated, and to keep them working optimally it requires professional support. Misguided DIY tactics like placing lemon peels down the garbage disposal or using chemical...