Creative Tile Designs for Bathroom Floors and Walls

Creative Tile Designs for Bathroom Floors and Walls

April 19, 2024 0 By Kasey Chapman

Making your bathroom the focal point is easy when you use tiles to create eye-catching patterns that draw people’s eyes upward. GretchenBlack used penny rounds and hexagons in her tile design for an eye-catching wall pattern that truly draws visitors in.

Large-format tiles feature the appearance of being one continuous surface rather than multiple pieces, creating an eye-catching aesthetic with glossy or matte finishes.

Biophilic Design

Evidence indicates measurable and positive impacts on health and performance that result from incorporating biophilic design into the built environment, but closing the research-to-application gap remains an obstacle for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban planners, employers, educators, health professionals and others involved.

Implementation of biophilic design patterns depends on many factors, including their scope and scale. Some patterns such as Prospect and Connection with Natural Systems [P11] require significant floor space in order to be effective.

Other biophilic design strategies, like Visual Connections to Nature and Water [P2], can also be applied in smaller spaces. For instance, this bathroom features an intriguing mosaic-tile arrangement featuring rectangulars and hexagons in herringbone formation that create floral accents to match its marble accent wall. Furthermore, adding pattern can help add interest without overwhelming the space.

Fluted and Raised Pattern Wood-Look Tiles

Wood-look tile has gone beyond trend status to become an industry standard, and comes in an extraordinary selection of looks and textures. Ranging from rustic barn wood with knots, raised grains and cracks all the way to smooth reclaimed wood floors – MSI offers porcelain wood-look floor tiles that replicate them perfectly, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens or mudrooms alike!

Wood-look tiles can also be arranged in patterns. Haneen’s Haven used this hex pattern in this bathroom design to ground the space while also creating an eye-catching focal point for its shower niche.

Or for something subtler, take inspiration from living_at_mereviewbarn’s bathroom featuring zig-zagging rectangle tiles reminiscent of those seen here – these dark and moody green tiles play off of the bold wallpaper pattern beautifully.

Metallic and Tin-Patterned Tiles

Metallic tiles make a powerful statement in any bathroom and can be as subtle or bold as desired. For an eye-catching statement, choose raised pattern metallic panels like those found here or opt for more refined styles such as silver or gold waterjet mosaic tiles for more refined settings.

Tin-patterned ceilings make an elegant statement in Art Deco design, while more modest geometric prints work great in minimalist interiors. A textured patterned panel adds beauty and charm; here, a floral-shaped tile from Laura Ashley adds some fun.

Wall tile can provide an adaptable surface solution in bathrooms, en suites and shower rooms. From classic brick patterns to more unusual shapes like an elongated hexagon tile or penny-round tile. For a luxurious aesthetic consider a marble-tile wall featuring delicate veining. Using both rectangular and square tiles allows for large scale patterns without overwhelming the room.

Patterned and Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile’s vast variety of color, shape, size and texture enables its designers to come up with truly extraordinary creations. Hexagon mosaic patterns have proven particularly popular as they allow users to achieve pleasing designs without overpowering an entire room with too many hues.

Patterned tiles can make an elegant yet subtle statement in your bathroom design, depending on the way they’re utilized. Traditional hand-painted Moroccan zellige tiles captivate visitors and evoke emotion through their stunning geometric motifs, while more modern versions such as 2x4s laid in a straight stack pattern create a sleek appearance with slim bands of long lines creating slim bands across long spaces for an aesthetic effect.

Tiles patterned to replicate the appearance of wood are an elegant way to bring warmth and texture into any room, even areas where actual wood wouldn’t work such as behind a shower or on a backsplash. Here, a floral-patterned hexagon design from Haneen’s Haven adds visual interest without competing with other colorful accessories in this elegant bathroom.