Latest Trends in Flooring and Tiles for 2022

Latest Trends in Flooring and Tiles for 2022

July 21, 2022 0 By Kasey Chapman

If you’ve been looking for flooring ideas for a while now, you’ve probably noticed the latest trends in flooring and tiles. You’ve noticed that longer and wider planks continue to steal the spotlight, and you’ve probably also noticed hexagon floor tiles. These hexagon tiles are a great way to create a unique transition between rooms, as they trickle into the opposite flooring type, meeting in a unique geometric pattern. These transitional tiles are the hottest new trend, and you can use them to make your floors look even more amazing!

Another trend in flooring is patchwork flooring. This is a trend that combines different types of patterns with plain ones for a unique, individual look. As more people are concerned about sustainability, designers are now patching floors to create deliberate differences, and avoid replacing entire flooring with new tiles. However, patchwork floors aren’t as durable as hardwoods, so it’s best to avoid such materials entirely, especially if you want to maintain a consistent look throughout the room.

Another trend you might want to consider is patterned tile. Ceramic tiles with a design or pattern are extremely popular these days, and porcelain styles are making the same trend popular. Bold colors and prints will also be popular this year. And you can be sure that this trend won’t go away anytime soon. The only way to know for sure is to experiment. Make sure that your tile is in line with the trend you’re pursuing.

Among the latest trends in flooring and tiles for 2022 are earthy jewel tones. These colors are found in nature, such as leafy greens and rich clay colors. There’s also a trend to incorporate pastels into your interiors. The reason why they’re becoming so popular is because they have a calming effect and fit in well with color trends in general. So get inspired by these colors, and start planning your new flooring or tiles.

Decorative tile will continue to make its way into the home in the coming years, especially hexagon-shaped tiles. Geometric patterns are also expected to be popular. Another trend is laminate flooring. While wood flooring is still popular for commercial spaces, laminate floors have become increasingly common in homes. Laminate floors are waterproof and durable, and light wood is a great choice for homes. As with most trends in flooring, homeowners will be looking for water-resistant properties, embossed textures, and wide-plank options.

Another trend is chevron-like tiles. While this pattern has long been a staple in wood flooring, it has recently crossed over to the floor tile world. This geometric pattern, which mimics natural stone, is now available in porcelain. Porcelain is less porous and is therefore durable. In 2022, this trend is likely to be big on floors and walls. These tiles are sure to be a hit this year!