60 Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

60 Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

November 29, 2021 Off By Elsa Thomas

A decadent master bathroom is often found in a luxury hotel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the look in your own home. You can incorporate deep claw-foot bathtubs and state-of-the-art washbasins into your design. While cleanliness is next to godliness, you can achieve both with these 60 stunning master bathroom ideas. And while you’re at it, take a look at our favorite master bathroom designs to get started.

Stylish and functional, a contemporary master bathroom features sleek lines, flat surfaces, and a minimalist color palette. The style is functional and modern, and cabinets are typically flat-paneled and surfaces are solid color. Moldings and other decorative elements are kept to a minimum. In addition to sleek, contemporary bathroom design, you can choose to incorporate a shower screen, heated towels, or a built-in television. A contemporary master bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy the latest in entertainment, from movies to sporting events.

To maximize space and make the most of the room, create a wet zone. Ideally, the wet zone should be a separate room between the shower and the bath. In many master bathrooms, the shower and bath are side-by-side. This design strategy makes sense because it allows more space for storage and can be hidden as an architectural element. The bathtub can also be situated under the window for an attractive focal point. Another popular feature in a master bathroom is a double-vanity.

Towels should be kept warm with heated towel racks. These can be easily disguised as an architectural element, or even a decorative piece. The built-in television also helps make the master bathroom a more luxurious space. In addition, the television should be installed in a high-quality frame and encased in a frame. It should also be hidden away in a cabinet or under a vanity, to avoid creating a clutter.

A large master bathroom doesn’t necessarily need vanities or fixtures. An open space gives a bathroom an inviting atmosphere. Adding live plants and a great view will add to the appeal. A built-in television is a must in a master bathroom. The television can be hidden behind a decorative cabinet or be integrated into the mirror. If you’re remodeling a whole room, the new features should be easy to access.

The master bathroom has to be as accessible as possible. It should be as accessible as possible for everyone. Consider installing a textured grab bar. It will make your master bathroom easier to access and more comfortable for you. But be sure to place it correctly so it isn’t a hindrance. While it’s nice to have a bathtub with a textured grip, you should be able to use it in a wide-open space.